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airbrush makeup kit  brushes for beginners, a comprehensive guide to how they are used


All types of airbrush makeup kit  brushes are similar to painters’ brushes, meaning that each has a different shape and size and has a specific application and use. Even if you have the best cosmetics and airbrush makeup kit, you need the right tools and brushes to use them properly and get the perfect airbrush makeup kit.


On the other hand, the wide variety of airbrush makeup kit  brushes can confuse you as a beginner in the art of airbrush makeup kit  and beauty in terms of choice and use in a precise and professional manner. Don’t worry, in this article from Emerald Magazine, we’ve compiled this useful little guide to all the main airbrush makeup kit  brushes and ways they use beginners, and the importance of each brush from the other according to its own type of preparations. And why you might or may not need it. Follow us so you don’t get confused about the difference between drip and shading again.



Types of airbrush makeup kit  brushes for beginners and use them correctly


If you’re away from the top of airbrush makeup kit  and don’t master choosing the best airbrush makeup kit brushes, we’ll help you, whether you’re looking for a airbrush makeup kit brush kit or a comprehensive range of butterflies, as there are several types of brushes such as those specifically designed to apply eye shadow and softening, or those designed to blend foundation cream in a way that makes the skin flawless, so that your airbrush makeup kit  looks like professionals.


Here are the most important and best types of airbrush makeup kit brushes that will help beginners apply perfect airbrush makeup kit


Foundation brush or foundation brush


There are many brushes to put the foundation or foundation cream on the face. The right brush for you depends on the type of airbrush makeup kit you want to apply. Also keep in mind that foundation creams are different shapes in design and composition such as liquid foundation cream, mousse foundation cream, powder-shaped foundation cream, stick cream and spry foundation cream.


Each of these types has its own characteristics and the right airbrush makeup kit brushes vary to be placed according to these characteristics. For example:

Liquid foundation cream is one of the best foundation creams as it hides defects well and unites the color of the skin. It also makes the skin clear. The liquid cream is suitable for mixed and dry skin but does not suit oily skins as it causes an increase in shine.

The mousse foundation cream consists of blending liquid cream with powder cream. This type covers all skin defects and makes the skin look normal but does not hide all defects. This type is suitable for dry skin as it moisturizes the skin and increases its freshness as well.


Misha Fandchen Art Brush #105


Misha Foundation brush is a airbrush makeup kit  brush that creates a thin and soft base. Artest Toll’s Foundation Brush, from the famous Korean brand Misha, offers its dense, flexible and soft bristles from the easily distributed fondation. It is recommended to use the Artstoll Foundation Cream Brush from Misha: for anyone who wants to apply the foundation in light layers. Anyone who wants a polished foundation for cosmetics, who suffers from a rapidly formed foundation and who is terrified by a brush that does not irritate the skin.


Misha Fandchen Art Brush #101


The brush allows the right texture and shape for every step of your airbrush makeup kit  system, for professional results even for beginners. Pointed fibers provide a very fine touch that does not irritate the skin and allows for the application of natural-looking airbrush makeup kit . Densely stuffed fibers and a bendable brush head allow for the product’s soft attachment to the skin. The shape of a tear drop allows for careful application even around the nose


Conciler Brush (Concealer Defects)

A conciler brush is usually a small flat or round-head brush, depending on the composition of the conciler, one of these models is used. (Conseriler is available in cream, liquid and powder). The small, flat or round head of this brush is designed to cover small and sensitive areas around the eyes well.

This brush is used to extend the conceller (concealer) for the strength of its bristles and flat-shaped head, with a wider and pointed base.


Mischa Artstoll Conciler Brush

Used to place the conseriler under the eyes to hide small capillary patches and black halos by placing the conciler with light strokes to perfect coverage. The Concilerman Misha brush is one of the products in Misha’s famous professional airbrush makeup kit mattress collection, which can be used for beginners. It helps to cover minor defects naturally.


Powder brush


This brush is also known as a facial brush. In addition to being commonly used to apply facial powder and pick powder, the powder brush can also be used to develop liquid foundation cream. The usual way to use this brush to apply the foundation is to apply the cream to the skin in areas that need more coverage, then extend it in a circular motion on the outside. (In fact, this method is also used to apply the conceller.)


The other brush used to place powder is a round brush. It has soft and round bristles, suitable bristles density and a wider base, and gives a uniform and beautiful coverage of the skin. It can be used to distribute the plaque as powder on the ogentin, chin, forehead and nose.


Bolsher brush (blush)


As we said, the right brush will change according to the type and formulation of the materials you use. For blush, bronze powder and contour, the round, soft and dense brush suits you. A flat brush is the best choice for liquid foundation cream. The brushes you see in the images below are used for the bleacher, bronzer and contour. Denser brushes suitable for blasher


Mebilene Blush Brush


The Mebelin blush brush has a round pointed and slightly slanted head, making it ideal for giving more color to your cheeks, just apply the plaque to the cheekbone until you reach the brush distribution to your hairbed at both sides, with soft touches.


Misha Brush Cheeks and Artstoll Shading 203


Misha brush cheeks and shading artstoll 203 with soft, full and thin synthetic fibers that enable the blush and contour to be placed in a natural way without lumps. Depending on its round head and tilted at an appropriate angle for the precise use of cheek and chin products, it includes a brush cover for healthy and clean storage.


Heliter Brush (Lighting)


This fan-shaped brush is designed and used to place a heliter and bronzer. This brush is also used to wipe the pick powder on the face. This technique avoids heavy coverage, thus enabling you to highlight with soft touches the cheekbone and chin. It can also be used to clean the area below the eyes and cheeks from falling eye shadow or excess powder.


Ishado Brush (Eye Shadow)


Because beautiful eye airbrush makeup kit  depends on how eshado is applied, there are different models of airbrush makeup kit  brushes for the Ishado app. Depending on its use to apply eye shadow to the eyelid, or to extend light or bright eye shadow under the eyebrows and at the corner of the inner eye.

In a special quality of eye airbrush makeup kit  brush called a written brush, it is specially designed to identify the eyes in different colors of ishado, especially at the upper and lower lashes lines.

The fusion brush is a pointed brush with thick bristling used to blend the colors of ishado over the eye, highlighting the brow bone


Misha Artstoll Eye Shadow Brush 301


It is a brush made of flexible and high-quality horse hair that enables the products to be positioned in a precise and specific manner and easily integrate sharp lines. Her head is pointed and round, enabling you to focus eye shadow on the eyelash line and simply and professionally integrate ishado.


Mabelin Eye Shadow Tool Gigi Collection | Gigi 17 Brash


It has thick bristling, has a slanted angle to be more precise, fills different areas with liquid or cream used, and you can form and lengthen different models of eye shadow.


Misha Artstoll Eye Shadow Brush 304 #


The high-quality and flexible horse hair brush allows for careful and detailed application and blending harsh lines. A pointed head vaulted with Misha Artstoll eye shadow brush allows for concentrated shades to be applied along eyelash lines. A high-quality flexible white hair brush helps use shade details and create gradients between borders. Misha Artstoll eye shadow brush helps provide the same professional airbrush makeup kit effect.


Luxury airbrush makeup kit  brushes collection


If you want to get a full range of the best and most widely used airbrush makeup kit brushes. The champagne brand has launched a perfect and complete range of airbrush makeup kit brushes, consisting of nine skin   brushes and eye  , so you don’t need other   brushes. So don’t hesitate to buy it, always put it in your   bag, so it’s a   brush for high-quality beginners with soft high-quality nylon bristalis. Its whiskers are also comfortable to touch. You can take powder without absorbing the product, so it helps you apply   easily


Steps to clean and wash airbrush makeup kit  brushes at home


Mix some warm water and baby shampoo in a suitable bowl, after the baby shampoo has been dissolved in hot water.

Add a spoonful of salt or iodine to your sterilization fluid. Until bacteria and germs are disposed of stuck on the brush.

Gently rub  brushes with hand fingers without pressing bristles, until all the  residue on them is eliminated.

Rinse the brush in lukewarm water one by one. Consider replenishing or rinsing water, directly through tap water.

Don’t use   brushes before they dry completely out of water.


It is necessary to clean airbrush makeup kit  brushes, why?


Because there are many damages caused by cleaning  brushes, they are as follows:


  • Prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi because airbrush makeup kit  brushes are a very suitable environment for bacteria to multiply. Especially since the  mattresses are exposed to more than the product and the surface, they are exposed to air,   and skin. That’s why they should be washed at least every week.
  • Unclean airbrush makeup kit  brushes can irritate the skin and multiply the grains. This can also lead to clogged pores and the appearance of pimples and impurities.
  • Eye shadow airbrush makeup kit  brushes can cause eye allergies, harmful redness and other problems.
  • Dirty airbrush makeup kit  brushes lead to wrinkles on the skin and sagging skin. Be careful not to keep makeup kit  brushes in the bathroom. Because it causes bacteria to multiply on them.
  • Waste money buying new  brushes, because the discarded brush is quickly damaged.


Last word:

In this article we also introduced many brushes of different types, shapes and sizes, used for individual and integration of eye shadow, while used to distribute foundation cream, powder and bleach, and in all uses give   brushes a wonderful and harmonious look of   and in terms of getting to know the types of  brushes and ways to use them, you can experience professionals and look  for beauty experts.


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