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apple computer tower

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Information about apple computer tower

Technological development is one of the most important developments in the technical world due to computadoras apple , where it contains skills that contribute to the formation of innovations of information technology, these technical innovations are divided into high technology and they deal with systems and fine materials of high quality in  the meal prep company apple valley, or medium technology and specialize in the processing of medium systems like computador portátil apple , or low technology specialized in the treatment of low quality systems apple computer tower , and the development of technology  of computador apple portatil since its inception to become one of the most important elements of life, and one of the most important examples of computador apple portatil technological development the Internet that contributed in a way One of the most important companies that have specialized in the field of technology is  launch for apple tv app for pc The American company Apple according to the the meal prep company apple valley , and in this article will address information about Apple


What is a computer

The computer, which is called Computer in English, is defined as a device used to organize, store and process a set of data according to a range of specialized software and operating systems due to sisters fruit company apple chips  , often able to share this information with other devices compatible with their systems and programs, and computers contain a range of programs are operated due to sisters fruit company apple chips , each of which has a specific function, for example software specialized in calculations and numbers, specialized programs to modify images and videos, and specialized software and systems for business such as accounting software  And management with computador portátil apple, computers in the present era is the basis of human civilization, and is the main organizer of air traffic, traffic, space, weather, hospital work, factories and all aspects of life


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Apple Inc

Founded in California on April 1, 1976, Apple was established in the United States of America and specializes in the manufacture of apple computers tablets & accessories   and design of electronics, software and computers as well as advanced mobile phones, and in English called Apple Computer.Inc like apple computers tablets & accessories  ., and in 2007 AD Apple expanded the consumer electronics industry, in addition to the company’s focus on the mobile computer industry, which is called laptop. Apple is one of the world’s largest companies with a staff of With nearly 35,000 employees around the world for making apple computers tablets & accessories  , the company has gained a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry, Apple is one of the largest technology companies in terms of revenues due to apple computers tablets & accessories , and is the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, after South Korea’s Samsung and Nokia, where Apple is currently one of the most important growth factors in the U.S. economy globally

Apple’s Origins

Apple was founded between 1976 and 1980, when after 1980 the company began to develop in the world of computers after the manufacture of a Mac in the world of 1981 AD, where sales of the Mac extended until the year In 1989, Apple’s products evolved and expanded into the world of electronic devices for apple computer tower , where in 1999 the company began manufacturing a specialized system called SX, a specialized operating system for Macs, which played a key role in increasing sales. The company’s revenues, and then the development of the company’s performance in 2003 was launched i Toner due to apple computer tower, a program specialized in reviewing media files such as music, movies and images, and in the year and apple computer tower2007 The American company’s industries developed where it began in the manufacture of mobile devices in addition to laptops, which contributed to the increase of the company’s capital for apple computer mouse  , and continued to develop Apple to this day designed apple computer mouse , became  one of the most powerful global competitors in the world of mobile devices and computers, and apple computer mouse these devices are characterized by their high efficiency quality, which is the basis for its spread around the world

Founder of Apple

Steve Jobs is one of the most important inventors and founders of it in the United States of America by founding Apple in 1976, steve jobs was born in February 1955 to be a member of the Board of Directors of Walt Disney Company after that until he died due to rose gold apple computer. On October 5, 2011 according to rose gold apple computer, after suffering from pancreatic cancer, while managing Apple, he was able to bring to light both the Macintosh and three mobile devices: iPod, iPhone and iPad, and in high school Steve Jobs introduced his future partner Steve Wozniak with the help of rose gold apple computer, who was his co-founder of Apple in 2011 due to rose gold apple computer

After suffering from pancreatic cancer, and during his management of Apple, he was able to come to light with both the Macintosh and three mobile devices: iPod, iPhone and iPad, for apple computadora  and in high school steve jobs introduced his future partner Steve Wozniak  in apple computadora , who was his co-founder of Apple in 1976, where jobs and Wozniak are credited with the revolution in the world of computer industry by popularizing technology and making smaller, less expensive, intuitive machines and accessible to daily consumers due to apple computer rose gold.

Apple’s property since the founding of Apple in 1976, the company began to expand globally where it was able to acquire and own a group of the most important applications and companies globally, which will increase the economic efficiency of the company and comes in detail for the most important applications and companies owned by the American company Apple

 An Apple app that works on personal computers, mobile phones and smart phones, where you can select music, movies, ads, TV shows, and photos, based on a short sample that is played by using the microphone on your computer.

An Apple app owned in 2002 for $30 million, it specializes in digital audio station work programs. 

 An Apple subsidiary that produces audio products, the company’s headquarters are located in Culver City, California, USA, the company was founded by music producer and rapper Dr. Dre and Jimmy Effey. Me

 An American computer company based in California, Next has developed and manufactured a series of computer workstations for business and education markets.

Primesense Primesense:

 An American subsidiary of Apple that specializes in 3D sensors, a technology used in computers, televisions and mobile devicesSiri: An Apple app, which uses the natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and implement actions by delegated requests for a range of available Internet services.

Apple’s products have expanded its economic activities by making a range of electronic and technological products, which have contributed to the expansion of the marketing process of the American company, and in the following detail and mention of the most important products of Apple

Mac: Apple’s development began with the beginning of the mac industry in 1981, which is divided into a range of products, including the Mac Mini, a consumer-oriented desktop computer, introduced on the market in January 2005, the iMac, a desktop computer first released in 1998, the Mac Pro, a desktop computer that was put on the market in 2006, and a MacBook, a laptop called in English. iBook was put on the market in 2006, and the MacBook Air, a very thin tablet that was put on the market in 2008

iPod: Called the English iPod, apple’s digital music device was first introduced to the market in October 2001, the iPod is divided into several types, including the iPod Classic, a mobile media player that first came on the market in 2001, the iPod Nano, a mobile media player first introduced in 2005, and the iPod Schafel, a digital audio file player, which was first introduced to the market

iPhone: It is called the iPhone, one of Apple’s most important products in the world of mobile phones that operate the global mobile system GSM quad-band, in addition to operating with a mini-model of the MacX operating system called IOS, and the mini-operating system includes internet-based applications such as Google Maps

And weather conditions. Apple TV: Called Itv, a video device that aims to combine iTunes content playback with high-definition TV content, the device can be connected to the user’s TV and synthesized through a wireless internet

The relationship between Apple and IBM

IBM, an American IT and computer company, was established in 1911 and is based in New York, USA, and IBM is one of Apple’s most important technology partners, with the aim of partnering Apple and IBM to bridge the gap between differences in Apple’s mobile popularity and applications and develop a range of systems such as Apple and IBM. PowerPc and Taligent, in order to combine the best solutions with giving users a lot of flexibility, reducing administrative costs and more efficiency in day-to-day business processes, as well as providing the necessary protection for information and applications used on computers and mobile devices, IBM is developing an information security system on Apple I systems.

Marketing strategy

Since the founding of Apple, the company has adopted various marketing strategies based on a range of rules, the most important of which is excellence and development and increased the budget of scientific research, Apple began to manufacture the first computer called Apple Commodore, which achieved huge sales when it was put on the market because of its colorful drawings and built on the basis of light cells, through the technological marketing strategy pursued by Apple, and the American company Apple relied in marketing its products on a range of specifications, the most important of which is durability, technological power, price and price Appropriate in the manufacturing state, the company then manufactured a computer in 1981 called Macintosh, which achieved huge sales as part of a major marketing campaign, and the Macintosh computer continued to make huge profits for the company until a year 1991, and then began the manufacture of Apple devices and then iPhones, which is one of the most famous industries of Apple, and Apple was not limited only to computers and mobile devices, the company manufactured and developed systems related to digital audio as part of a marketing plan based on quality and efficiency

Apple employees

Since apple’s formation in 1976, the company has employed more than 75,000 people worldwide, and the majority of Apple employees are based in the United States, but Apple has a huge amount of manufacturing, sales, marketing and supporting organizations around the world, with some engineering operations in France and Japan, and Apple employees aim to work in their field of expertise only and promise to work in any other field, numbering in Apple in the United States in 2001. 

2015 about 115,000 employees, and one of apple’s most important employees is Mike Marciola, the third employee in apple’s history, where he worked as an engineer in the company in addition to his role in establishing Apple as a company with regulations, laws, methods of training, appointment, relationships and multiple bank accounts and the appointment of apple’s first CEO and make it just an idea and a small project to become a major it company, in addition to employee Bill Fernandez, the fourth employee in the history of Apple and was the neighbor of Steve Wozniak So was Steve Jobs’ high school classmate, who had a role in the two meeting

The importance of Apple

Apple’s importance lies in being one of the largest global IT companies, as the most valuable public trading company for several years, in addition to the progress and high marketing value of Apple products, as it is the first company in the world with a market value of more than $1 trillion, and Apple’s policy is based on the fact that product makers use it, meaning that engineers who create the company’s products are the ones who make them themselves and themselves so that they take on consumer ideas and know what customers really need, and therefore The company produces products that suit their requirements and not just marketing products with modern technologies only to attract Customers, although technology is becoming more complex with the emergence of technologies and features over time, which makes the task of keeping things easy to use difficult, Apple is able to adopt these technologies correctly and succeed in challenging making the product simple no matter how modern technologies, and Apple has maintained its profits from sales of computers and mobile phones in recent years to compete with the world’s largest IT companies.

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