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Google audiotechnica headphones “Pixel Podz”. A closer look

Google launched the Bluetooth-enabled” Pixel Budz ” earpiece shortly after the launch of its new “Pixel” smartphones.

The American company promotes its new headset through the possibility of using it via voice commands thanks to its digital assistant “Google Assistant”, which paves the way towards the adoption of future audiotechnica headphones on the way to control voice commands.

Unlike common models of earbuds, the “Google Pixel Buds” headset is not tightly mounted in the ear canal but stands out a bit like small audiotechnica headphones, and therefore ambient noise is not completely hidden, but in return enables the user to conduct dialogues and chat with others well while the audiotechnica headphones remain in the ear.

Despite its large size, Google’s new earbuds are lightweight. To match the size, the connecting cable is turned into a buttonhole, so the earpiece fits firmly and comfortably, and does not fall out of the ear even when walking or jogging with audiotechnica headphones


Quick coupling
In terms of connecting the speaker to a smartphone, Google is setting a new standard in the quick pairing technology (r Tor) through which the speaker is quickly and easily connected with smartphones with the Google Android operating system. And all it takes is to turn on Bluetooth and open the transfer box for audiotechnica headphones.

And although the earbuds” AirPods ” from Apple rely on similar technology, they do not work with such ease, as to start the process of pairing the Google headset with smartphones it is necessary to press the button hidden in the cover with audiotechnica headphones.

Once the pairing process is done, the “Pixel Podz” headset works very quickly after being taken out of the box, and the process of sound transfer is carried out stably and stably; where the sound is transferred in high quality in the format of “AAC” when using the appropriate smartphone of audiotechnica headphones.

Unlike other Bluetooth-enabled earbuds, the “Pixel Podz” headset works with the smartphone paired with it from a distance of 15 to 20 meters without any problems. The battery charge is enough to run for four to five hours, after which the recharging process takes about one hour. And the user does not need the electrical socket sometimes, since the speaker battery can be charged in the transfer box, in which the battery is also placed with audiotechnica headphones


The sound of the “Google Pixel Buds” headset leaves a mixed impression on the user for onn bluetooth headphones not pairing , as it works great as a phone headset or to communicate with the digital assistant “Google Assistant”. There is some confusion when listening to music, some albums sound super clear through the small speaker of audiotechnica headphones, especially electronic music and quiet folk songs, onn bluetooth headphones not pairing  but onn bluetooth headphones not pairing  ,audiotechnica headphones  with more complex pieces, which include a lot of musical instruments, or rock music,audiotechnica headphones, the speaker quickly reaches its limits of onn bluetooth headphones not pairing.
Voice commands
And the main function of the Mini-speaker,audiotechnica headphones, namely controlled by voice commands by the digital assistant “Google Assistant” works well audiotechnica headphones. This method works by simply placing the finger on the right speaker, issuing the voice command, after which the user hears the answer in his ear for onn bluetooth headphones not pairing.

Extrapolation of SMS “AC” can also be requested. Um.As” by onn bluetooth headphones not pairing , calendar inputs or news app alerts, the digital assistant also answers a lot of queries provided that the smartphone is not locked by onn bluetooth headphones not pairing

Among the useful functions provided by the headset, the translation of the talk in real-time due to onn bluetooth headphones not pairing , the voice command “help me to speak Spanish” the user can understand the Spanish or Swedish conversations according to onn bluetooth headphones not pairing, where the headset “Pixel Budz” in fact depends on the operation of the wireless microphone for the service “Google translation”.

The way to control songs or music is one of the annoying things in the speaker for onn bluetooth headphones not pairing , as the process of pausing the song and restarting it or increasing the intensity of the sound and reducing it by clicking or scanning on the right speaker due to onn bluetooth headphones not pairing , and the user can not move to the previous or next song, and here the user must use the smartphone of onn bluetooth headphones not pairing.

In addition, there are some limitations when using the free-to-talk function, as it works well with “normal” phone calls, but cannot be used to conduct voice chat conversations via instant messaging applications via VoIP for onn bluetooth headphones not pairing.

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