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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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With the samsung glaxy s20 ultra , Samsung is showing a strong reaction to the competition of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, finally good performance in terms of battery and camera. The camera of the samsung glaxy s20 ultra impressed in the test buy zoom and night shooting. The battery samsung glaxy s20 ultra  of is more powerful than all other S-Class models for samsung glaxy s20 ultra .  And the display reaches recorders not only in size, but also in brightness. Dos Power smartphone of samsung glaxy s20 ultra  has only one drawback: it is heavy and unwieldy.


in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung has pulled out all the stops in 2020: as a flyover model with extreme size and camera equipment, it should put the competition in its place by samsung android smart phones below 5000. The successor Galaxy S21 Ultra offers improvements in processor and camera,  due to samsung android smart phones below 5000 but has shrunk in size again. At the same time, Galaxy S20 Ultra has actually fallen in price by more than 500 euros. The test shows whether the purchase is still worthwhile by samsung android smart phones below 5000 . In a separate article you will also find the direct comparison of samsung android smart phones below 5000 

samsung glaxy s20 ultra,samsung android smart phones below 5000,samsung smart glow phones list,smart holder phone,how to make a smart phone wallet,smart landline phone,smart holder phone,china smart phone price in pakistan

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Galaxy S20 Ultra: Best camera of the S20 series

Best camera equipment of the S20 series: a 108-megapixel main camera due to samsung smart glow phones list ,  a telephoto lens with 4x optical magnification and 48-megapixel sensor, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a time-of-flight camera (TOF) for portraits with bokeh depth of field effect by samsung smart glow phones list . For the telephoto, Samsung has designed a periscope lens in the S20 Ultra according  to samsung smart glow phones list , which achieves a fourfold optical magnification with mirrors and five lens elements. The iFixit teardown of the S20 Ultra, which also disassembled the camera into all its individual parts are mentioned in samsung smart glow phones list , recently demonstrated how elaborately it is designed. This lens is missing the S20 and S20 Plus. As a telephoto lens, you use a 64-megapixel sensor, the lens offers virtually no optical magnification aranbed by samsung smart glow phones list


That’s how good the 108 megapixel camera is in samsung glaxy s20 ultra 

With the S10, Samsung introduced the ultra-wide-angle camera on a wide front even before Apple. Good for creativity with smart holder phone , but Huawei and Apple have been better at image quality so far. It’s no wonder that Samsung completely redesigned the camera for the S20 series – with up to four cameras due to smart holder phone , high–resolution sensors, new lenses and a new philosophy for smart holder phone. Samsung relies primarily on photo sensors with extremely high resolution. At the very front is the 108-megapixel main camera in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The high resolution offers two major advantages: better light output and more details. The trick by smart holder phone : the camera system of the S20 Ultra bundles 9 pixels of the 108-megapixel sensor each, thus constructing a 12-megapixel photo with better quality from the 108-megapixel data. In addition, the sensor is very large, captures a corresponding amount of light with the help of smart holder phone


In the test, Samsung was able to confirm the high expectations: the 108-megapixel main camera of the S20 Ultra is still one of the best in the smartphone sector due to how to make a smart phone wallet . Even in daylight, the S20 Ultra takes really good photos, Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus with a conventional 12-megapixel camera, but larger sensor were even better in some test points for how to make a smart phone wallet . In the visual test, however, both S20 models scored very well in daylight shooting, as did the photo prime Google Pixel 4 XL. Optionally, the S20 Ultra owner can also shoot his photos with full sensor resolution (setting: 108 MP) by how to make a smart phone wallet . In the test, more details were actually visible when zooming in, such as the pixel structure of an LC display. For everyday life, however, the normal mode is the better choice, since the photos do not take up so much memory understand in the topic how to make a smart phone wallet.


The trick with the 100x zoom

For the telephoto camera, the S20 Ultra combines a quad optical zoom with a 48 megapixel sensor. The high sensor resolution offers the telekamera further zoom reserves (additionally by a factor of 2.5), so that a total of up to ten times “Hybrid Optic Zoom” comes out. Only with more than 10x zoom does the digital zoom start, reaches a maximum of up to 100x magnification. Even in the normal zoom test with four times magnification, the camera of the S20 Ultra shines. In the test of the S20 Ultra, however, impressive shots are also achieved in higher zoom levels, which even outperformed the former zoom king Huawei P30 Pro. Meanwhile, the S20 Ultra has to admit defeat in the zoom range: the Galaxy S21 Ultra achieves even more details at extreme magnification with its 10x optical telephoto lens. In addition, the S20 suffers from a weakness in telephoto shooting: the autofocus often has problems with focusing. Thanks to additional laser autofocus, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the S21 Ultra also do better here


Zoom quality compared to the competition

In the test, the Galaxy S20 Ultra had to compete with other top models of the 2019 and 2020 vintages. In the second highest (30x) zoom level, it competed for comparison with the sister model Galaxy S20 Plus and the Huawei P30 Pro. The comparison with the S20 Plus seems unfair at first: the S20 Plus does not have a lens with significant optical magnification, only uses the reserves of the enormous resolution of its 64-megapixel sensor up to the triple zoom magnification of its telephoto camera in order to display smaller image sections without loss of detail. For 30x magnification, the digital zoom is used with some image processing tricks (superimposition of several photos in series, AI). The picture below shows: The 30x zoom of the S20 Plus can not even keep up with the S20 Ultra. The situation is different with the Huawei P30 Pro: like the S20 Ultra, the combination of a stronger focal length (four times for Samsung, 5 times for Huawei) and a high-resolution sensor (48 megapixels for Samsung, 40 megapixels for Huawei) is used here. The result: with the 30x zoom, both competitors are almost on par, but the S20 Ultra showed a touch more sharpness, at least in the tested scenarios, while Huawei provided stronger colors. With the S21 Ultra, however, all candidates are topped in this comparison, especially since it has two telephoto cameras (3 x optical zoom and 10 x optical zoom


Galaxy S20 Ultra: 8K video for the first time

Samsung also focuses on sharpness when filming: the S20 series is the first smartphone fleet to be able to record 8K videos, but then at a maximum of 24 frames per second. Nice for those who are flirting with buying an 8K TV. Apart from 8K TVs, 8K recordings are currently not yet practical: the file sizes are enormous, and many computers are not able to play movies with such data rates smoothly.


S20 Ultra with bright 120 Hertz display

The screen of the Galaxy S20 Ultra already breaks the previous records of the Galaxy fleet with its sheer size: it measures 6.9 inches. For comparison: the normal Samsung Galaxy S20 reaches only a diagonal of 6.2 inches, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus one of 6.7 inches, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 6.8 inches. In the laboratory, the display impressed above all with a strong brightness of 1,183 candela per square meter, which is only surpassed by the successor. Thanks to excellent contrasts, high color fidelity and virtually complete coverage (99 percent) of the extended sRGB color space – i.e. very strong colors – excellent laboratory values are essential. The only weakness: the S20 Ultra only covers 96.5 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut. Innovative: For the first time, Samsung is installing a screen with an increased refresh rate in the S20 series, even exceeding the 90 hertz known from OnePlus, for example. However, the user has to activate the 120 Hertz mode manually, because it ensures higher power consumption. In the test, the setting actually had an effect: the flicker with fast scrolling disappeared instantly.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: leap forward in speed

In Europe, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is sold with the Samsung Exynos 990 processor and pre-installed Android 10 with Samsung One UI 2.1. In the benchmark test, the Galaxy S20 Ultra thus shows an impressive working speed, is one of the fastest smartphones in the Android stock at all, just behind the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. In the Antutu benchmark for china smart phone price in pakistan , which also takes into account the graphics performance, it was 21.5 percent faster than the previous generation S10. In the Geekbench 5.1 test, with a multi-core score of 2,473 points, it was significantly (13.4 percent) ahead of the Galaxy S10 Plus with 2,181 points, especially in the test run of applications that use all CPU cores in china smart phone price in pakistan . In contrast, in the single-core test, which is even more important for simple applications, the lead was only 4.8 percent with 863 points compared to 823 points in china smart phone price in pakistan . A convincing performance that is only put into perspective by a look at other countries such as the USA, where the S20 series is delivered with the Snapdragon 865, which should run much faster – as the Galaxy S20 FE 5G test shows.


Galaxy S20 Ultra: Battery Power


In view of the larger displays with 120 Hertz and the faster processors, smart holder phone  it is important: all S20 models have a more powerful battery than their predecessors in smart holder phone, the S20 Ultra is at the top with 5,000 mAh. In the new COMPUTER IMAGE test for intensive battery life, in smart holder phone the Galaxy S20 Ultra achieved a very good runtime of 8 hours and 20 seconds, so it lasts much longer than the S20 Plus or the Note 10 Plus.


Galaxy S20 Ultra: 5G for everyone

The Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with 5G technology in Germany, S20 and S20 Plus are only optionally available as 5G models. However, the purchase is worthwhile above all only for users  of expensive original provider tariffs of Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone in large cities due to smart landline phone. O2 did not launch 5G in some major cities until the end of 2020.


Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: prices, release, colors

The Galaxy S20 Ultra has been on the market since March 13th. Only gray and black are available as colors for  smart landline phone (Cosmic Gray, Cosmic Black). The entry-level model costs 1,349 euros, the variant with 512 GB of memory costs 1,549 euros. Here are the prices for all S20 model variants at a glance:

Samsung Galaxy S20 (RAM/memory 8 GB/128 GB) 899 Euro / 5G version 999 Euro

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (8/128 GB) 999 Euro / 5G version 1.099 Euro / 5G version with 512 GB memory 1.249 Euro

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (12/128 GB) 1.349 Euro / with 16/512 GB 1.549 Euro

If you buy the Galaxy S20 Ultra with a new contract, you can save on tariff bundles:


Price drop: how cheap is the S20 Ultra?

Almost a year after its release, the price of the Galaxy S20 Ultra has fallen dramatically: as of mid-February, the starting price is even at 829 euros for smart landline phone (current Amazon offer, exclusive with three-year warranty), a saving of over 500 euros within less than a year! In view of this decline, the time for a purchase seems favorable due to smart landline phone.


Galaxy S20 Ultra: review conclusion and alternative

The Galaxy S20 ?Ultra is still a good buy, especially thanks to the great display in smart landline phone, the good workmanship and the strong camera  of smart landline phone – especially thanks to the lower price. An alternative is the successor: the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is around 300 euros more expensive, so a little cheaper at the start than the S20 Ultra at the beginning of 2020 in smart landline phone.

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