airbrush makeup kit




 Follow us so you don’t get confused about the difference between drip and shading again.



Types of airbrush makeup kit  brushes for beginners and use them correctly



If you’re away from the top of airbrush makeup kit  and don’t master choosing the best airbrush makeup kit brushes, we’ll help you, whether you’re looking for a airbrush makeup




Foundation brush or foundation brush


foundation cream.


 For example:

It also makes the skin clear. 



Misha Fandchen Art Brush #105




Misha Fandchen Art Brush #101


 Densely stuffed fibers and a bendable brush head allow for the product’s soft attachment to the skin. 


Conciler Brush (Concealer Defects)




Mischa Artstoll Conciler Brush



Powder brush


 a circular motion on the outside.




Bolsher brush (blush)


Denser brushes suitable for blasher


Mebilene Blush Brush




Misha Brush Cheeks and Artstoll Shading 203



Heliter Brush (Lighting)



Ishado Brush (Eye Shadow)




Misha Artstoll Eye Shadow Brush 301



Mabelin Eye Shadow Tool Gigi Collection | Gigi 17 Brash




Misha Artstoll Eye Shadow Brush 304 #



Luxury airbrush makeup kit  brushes collection


. Its whiskers are also comfortable to touch. 


Steps to clean and wash airbrush makeup kit  brushes at home




It is necessary to clean airbrush makeup kit  brushes, why?


Because there are many damages caused by cleaning  brushes, they are as follows:


  •  That’s why they should be washed at least every week.
  • This can also lead to clogged pores and the appearance of pimples and impurities.
  • Eye shadow airbrush makeup kit  brushes can cause eye allergies, harmful redness and other problems.
  •  Because it causes bacteria to multiply on them.
  • Waste money buying new  brushes, because the discarded brush is quickly damaged.


Last word:

In this article we also introduced many brushes of different types, shapes and sizes, used for individual and integration of eye shadow, while used to distribute foundation cream, powder and bleach, and in all uses give   brushes a wonderful and harmonious look of   and in terms of getting to know the types of  brushes and ways to use them, you can experience professionals and look  for beauty experts.